How To Improve Mesothelioma Life Expectancy?

How To Improve Mesothelioma Life Expectancy?

Mesothelioma is highly aggressive malignant disease with a long latency period and very short life expectancy. Life expectancy is a prognosis of how long patients with this disease would live after getting diagnosis. This prognosis is based on statistic information about similar cases. One of the major factors that influence on mesothelioma life expectancy is age. Younger patients have bigger life expectancy than older ones.

For instance, patients at the age up to 65 years live for 359 days (in average) after getting a diagnosis. Depending on mesothelioma type and age, only 20% – 40% patients live more than 1 year. Patients between 65 and 74 age have lower survival period – 242 days in average. The life expectancy for patients 75 and more years old is 112 years. Depending on the stage life expectancy differs too. The earlier stages have better prognosis. Not all patients are suitable for aggressive therapy that is usually the best chance to extend the lifetime or even fight mesothelioma. Such therapy includes combined mixture of surgical interventions, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, supportive therapy for keeping organism in the best possible form for fighting the disease and overcoming by-effects of main therapy. In order to be eligible for such treatment system, a patient must have generally good health, as it may affect the functioning of all organ systems.

When hearing the diagnosis “mesothelioma” a patient usually feels hopeless and desperately depressed, not having any information that can encourage and give a hope for a good future. Indeed, this is a very tough disease with very small percentage of survivals. But what anyone can really do for improving the situation is to consider all possible factors of how to live more than average mesothelioma life expectancy rate states, how to get more time. And here are the major steps that can help.

First of all, to be able for getting any possible treatment, a patient has to take care about his health. This means that all bad habits like smoking, drinking, etc. should stay in the past. A person has to attend doctor regularly, track the level of cholesterol, sugar, hormones, blood pressure, etc. This is fair not only for mesothelioma patients. People who were exposed to asbestos are all in the risk group. If you know that you were exposed, pay high attention to your own health.

Second option is considering all types of treatment applicable in your specific case. This is a complex disease that requires complex approach for therapy. Each day some new methods appear. A surgery is a great chance to improve mesothelioma life expectancy two or more times. A study held in 2011 shows that patients who are treated by surgery lived for 710 days in average compared to 288 day for people who do not undergo surgery. Doctors often combine a few types of treatment into one in order to maximize the effect. Any patient needs to consider all possible options, including alternative medicine and complex of dietary, psychological, physical exercising help.

Another factor that helps to live longer with mesothelioma is changing the lifestyle to healthier. Not eating dangerous products, resting more, relaxing, going into feasible activities like meditation, massaging and others – all this is aimed at improving the lifestyle, making it influence better on health.

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