Mesothelioma Treatment Costs

Mesothelioma Treatment Costs

There are many problems in modern treatment methods for malignant mesothelioma. First of all, they do not provide any guarantees for full recovery, even with all innovations and alternative therapies. Second problem is that the most of methods are highly aggressive and require long recovery, as chemotherapy or surgeries seriously weaken the organism. And the third problem of mesothelioma treatment is its cost. Unfortunately, it is rather expensive. The only solution to find an optimal option is to analyze all possible medical expenses, possible sources of financial assistance and be ready for costly therapy. People with such diagnosis have ability to request help from specialized trust funds that process the claims for diseases caused by asbestos exposure. The compensation from such fund may cover the most or the entire cost of treatment that will be a great help for patients with such a diagnosis. Medical insurance not always pays for all expenses of such kind.

Depending on the stage a patient with mesothelioma will go through chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgical intervention, drug therapy in any combination to fight the disease and reduce pains and various complications. Such complex condition requires complex approach in treatment, including psychological help, diet changes, proper caring services and a lot more. And it needs proper financial planning to be prepared and having enough funds.

Surgeries for removing the tumor may cost about $40,000 or more. Within the last decade the cost was raised up for $7,000. The price highly depends on the stage of disease, complexity of the case and the post-surgery therapy. It is very hard to define an average price, as each case is highly individual. Surgeons still have no some universal approach, as such type of surgeries is still considered as rare. There are several types of surgery, such as palliative, curative or diagnostic. The first one is the most expensive.

Chemotherapy is the second most-expensive type of mesothelioma treatment and it may cost up to $30,000 depending on the medication, duration and number of sessions. Today various brand name and generic medications are used, and the latter ones cost less. The need in chemotherapy is defined by a doctor, as well as its character and composition. It is often combined with surgical treatment and radiotherapy for gaining best possible result.

Radiation therapy is highly technological process that requires high-quality equipment. Newer, safer equipment costs more, and the expenses for such type of therapy are usually covered by insurance, as it rarely exceeds $10,000.

To sum up, the cost of medical treatment can be $80,000 and more. And this price doesn’t include expenses for nutrition, special clothes and home equipment for taking care about the patient, as well as psychological assistance, caring services, etc. Moreover, a patient with such a diagnosis loses ability to work and earn money, so loss of income is another money problem experienced by people with mesothelioma. Growing expenses without a source of income is a typical situation for them. To get proper mesothelioma treatment the patients often file claims to trust funds or lawsuits against the company that is guilty in asbestos exposure. The result of such claim is compensation for medical and other expenses.

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